Thursday, February 26, 2009

How scientifical

As a fun assignment, our teacher let us make up our own elements, about us: what we "bond" with, what we are "reactive" with, and our uses.  Here is mine. ( try it! atomic number is birth month plus day: Feb 4 = 6 atomic weight is your birthday plus you favorite number: Feb 4, and 7 so 24.07)




This element bonds well with dark chocolate, softball, candles, music, particularly that of a guitar, soccer players, laughter and sleeping.   Blondeium is highly reactive with losing, getting up early, the Jonas Brothers, mean softball coaches that are obsessed with running, cooking, and being tickled.  This element is discovered 98% of the time buried deep beneath the covers of a comfortable bed, or working hard on a softball field.  Blondieum's uses are many, but its most common uses are helping small children play the game of softball, butchering the ancient art of making Mac & Cheese, and the comforting of friends that are in need

i'm such a nerd. but hopefully this will bring my science grade up. on my last test i got a 22/40. yipes.


Monday, February 16, 2009

the math of love

Ok, so in math, the whole school had to make "Acute Valentines" Get it? Like acute angels? Haha.
You had to write a valentine to anyone and use math terms in a logical and creative way.
Here is mine!!!!!!!!!!
Dear Love,
Whoever said "Opposites attract", obviously had not observed this equation that is you and me.  If I am x and you are y, the x plus y equals  us.  Our friends call this love irrational and think that it will reach its closure soon, but don't worry, my love for you is a hundred percent.   From the first time I caught you trying to evaluate the expression on my face, I could tell that our love would grow to be exponential. Your face and smile are only two factors of the infinite number of things that I love about you.  The probability of you and I, I would say, is very, very high.
Your Not So Secret Admirer <3

Saturday, February 14, 2009

valentine's day

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I haven't written much in the last week, especially since my dad took my computer and grounded me. I really couldn't think of anything to write about, so I am just gonna write.

Where's your Valentine? you ask. I don't know, I say. Except I know exactly where he is. And that is not here. He is miles and miles away. And I know I sound pathetic for saying that. But whatever. I really hate Valentine's Day. Is that ironic, for someone to hate a holiday about love? I don't know. And the funny thing is, that this year, I shouldn't hate it this year, because my Valentine has a Valentine, and that Valentine is me. So really I am being ungrateful, hating this holiday and all, because at least I have a Valentine. Ok. Now I'm rambling, which is never good.
I think later I will post my math Valentine, because I have to go. The worst part about being grounded, I think, is that my dad makes me clean my room.... oh well.......


Tuesday, February 3, 2009


broken glass
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Well, I wrote something finally. Not exactly what I usually write, but I've been told to write about my emotions. So whoop-dee-dee. I wrote about my emotions.

You know that feeling, right? The one where you honestly couldn't care less if you chuck a priceless Ming Dynasty vase at the wall? The one where calling a person every swearword ever used and a thousand unused ones isn't enough? The one where you could punch through a thick wooden door? The one where you wouldn't feel bad about ripping your oldest teddy bear's leg off?
Come on, you have to know this feeling.
ANGER, for those who are a bit on the slow side. Fury. Rage. Outrage. Pissed the hell off.
And you know the funny part about it is, anger is more often than not induced by those you care the most about.

I am going to write a small follow up on this about honesty (the pros and cons)
The day before my birthday is a wonderful day to get in a fight.....