Saturday, December 27, 2008

recap of christmas and after.

well I hope everyone had a merry christmas
i did
my aunt in arizona has a dog
this dog is very cute, sweet, and fun.
she is also insane.
but i love her. (:
i got a camera
and a new ipod
and some new books.
and the day after christmas, get this- it SNOWED!
yes, snow.
my dad woke me up
and i ran outside in my pajamas and uggs
and took many pictures in the snow.
haha. i am not accustomed to snow, as i am from los angeles. 
where there is no snow ):
but now i am home and still feel sick.
i am continuing to watch the HBO series John Adams.  my dad got it for christmas.  
it is very good.  


Saturday, December 20, 2008


well finally, break has been reached. 
my friend's move to hawaii got postponed, but yesterday was still the last day i would see him.
so when we had to leave, a bunch of my friends and i chipped in
and bought him a tight new hat
and then gave him big hugs.
i'm gonna miss him...

but today i'm gonna hang with my friend who i haven't seen for ever
we will go right back to creating chaos.

then i have to go to my mom's....
what ridiculous fun......
so i probably won't even be on the freaking computer, let alone the internet....
ahh well....

so in case i don't get to post,
have some happy holidays!


Thursday, December 18, 2008

one day!

hope. maybe, when we get back from break, english will be survivable.'s WRITER'S WORKSHOP!
which means...i don't have to hear my teachers god-awful voice.

but for now i have one more day to survive.
winter. break.
but since i accidentally got the person who sits next to me in history moved, that class will suck.
and we might have to dress for PE tomorrow. it's freeeeeeezing.
and my partner in crime in math class won't be there. lucky. he gets to ditch the last day...

almost break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

almost holidays!

if all the people i knew celebrated christmas, i would sooo use this as the christmas card.
but they don't.
my christmas card is a picture of me playing softball, just thrown the ball, and you can see it mid spin.
The text says: Hope you catch the holiday spirit, because it is coming... FAST!

almost break
then i will get down to some writing


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

just realized...

that i should check my email more often...
i had like a bazzzillion emails
that i should have replied to like a week ago
and now it would be pointless
i found that i had an email from Dan Felstead
congratulating me on winning the daily writing prompt on December 7th at Pictures, Poetry & Prose
i was like woah!
and mucho mucho thanks to Dan b/c i wouldn't have figured it out for probably like a month.


Monday, December 15, 2008

it would...

it would rain today
of course.
it had to pour
and buckets of rain
and then, in the grapevine,
it snowed.
there went magic mountain.
so we are going in january.

everyone was at school early.
we should've just left.
the gate was open
cuz it was like 7:45
and we could've just walked out
and to the promenade.
we all had money.
our whole grade just should've ditched
but noooooo
everyone was to scared to get caught. 
so we sat through a boring-ass movie day.
but i got to wear aidan's cool hat
for the last 2 periods

my fingers a frozen.


Sunday, December 14, 2008



I live for the moments
When your face isn't wide enough
To contain your grin
The moments when all boundaries fade
Where anything is possible

I live for the moments
Where no one cares about your past
All they care about is what you're doing now

I live for the moments
When tears, and laughter go hand in hand
When toes and fingers can't stop wiggling

I live for the moments
When time stops
And for a fraction of a second
You are everyone's hero

Thursday, December 11, 2008

well not great day but better than yesterday

well the poetry exam was easy. 
we had to write 2 poems for the 5th part.
i like both of mine, and was going to post them here
but then i realized that since you turn tests in, i don't have it
and since i didn't memorize it, i can't post it.
but i do remember the titles:
Elegy to Our Friendship
(i remember the word pride was used.)
(its a weird poem, not exactly a poem though....)

if/when we get them back i will post them.
got an 80 on my spanish test though...
bahah and someone told me something
about a certain someone
who talks about a certain person
a lot
and i thought that that certain someone
had forgotten that certain person


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

not a great day....

not a particularly wonderful day....

woke up. gave myself a heart attack, because i thought i was late for school by an hour.
i wasn't. but then i couldn't go back to sleep. 
dropped a huge, and very full bottle of shampoo on my foot.
it was bleeding and is bruised. 
i was tardy to class.
my teacher called me out on disrespecting the pledge by talking. i was not.
i found out i have a zero on journals in my English class.
i got a locker door slammed on my hand. my broken hand.
thanks to my genius idea of stapling my binder back together, i got a huge cut on my other hand
and it was bleeding nonstop for 2 hours. 
i got a 73 on my wizard of oz essay in spanish.
i got damned to hell by a religious fanatic. 
my dad is in a bad mood for no reason at all and i suffer because of this.
one of my friends got hit by a car and was taken away in an ambulance. 
another one of my friends mom can't get a job here and they are moving.
to hawaii. next week.
finished The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. i wanted to cry.
i have a poetry test in english tomorrow.

but i did get 32/28 on my science test.
oh well.
the sun will come out tomorrow....



so i don't have that many fears.
but roller coasters happen to be one of them....
so of course, our grade happens to be going on a field trip to..
so if i refuse to go on the roller coasters
i will be standing around bored all day
and if i go on i will be having a panic attack 
this is kind of a lose-lose situation....


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

shine on shine on

shine on shine on
Originally uploaded by molly cullen <3

(the photo says "don't hide your light let it shine" taken outside of a church in Santa Monica on halloween)

shine on shine on
through the night
shine on
just be my light
shine on shine on
let it show
let the rays
those hopeful slivers
of light
shine on
shine on through the night

Monday, December 8, 2008


Originally uploaded by B(e)-side

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary....

Once again, a perfect example of why procrastination is something I should leave far in my past.
Once again, I have not.
Four stanzas to memorize, not really a big deal.
I also have 3 big tests to study for.
And I have to be able to perfectly recite the first four stanzas by first period.

Mondays are always soo boring....

There is never anything to do....

But we got report cards today... all A's

Which is good.  I am dangerously close to a B in Spanish though...

I just cannot wait until winter break.  AHHHHH. 

That will be SO nice. SOOOO NICE.


i am going to write later i think.

after the memorization of the four stanzas 

and studying is complete. 


Sunday, December 7, 2008

thinking ahead to the summer

thanks for the feedback on my poem!  
it means a lot.

but now, onto less creative writing.
gah. i am such a procrastinator. this essay...... grr
but oh well....

so my dad and i are trying to figure out what place(s) we are going this summer.
i asked my dad what our options were, and he said  that we need to come up with top places
the go by price.  
so far, our list is:


he is giving me too much to work with.


new poem

i wrote a poem yesterday. i'm relatively pleased with it.
if anyone has a more creative title, let me know
here it is:

Wings and Chains

Higher higher higher I go
Breathing in air so fresh
So free
Winging soaring
Wings of soft
Warm and swift, at home in the sky

But higher I climb
Defiant in speed
Before I escape
My neck is jerked backwards
And down I fall
To be put back in my place

Faster faster faster I fall
My wings try to soar
They struggle and they strain
But I fall and fall
Pulled by chains
Down to the ground
I hit it hard and fast
And my wings are no more
No longer can I soar

Friday, December 5, 2008

to do list and boredom

well since i am just bored to an absurd degree, i think i will just distract my mind here, just writing randomness. hehe
so i don't forget, I am going to write my homework somewhere i will actually look
English- Type and summarize Cornell Notes
History- NONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Math- Reflection (this time i will do it! and not in class the day it's due...)
Science-Study Evidence Chap. 11, and extra credit 3 articles 
sorry about that...i just needed to remind myself so i don't forget.
weekend homework is a bummer

so there is this song playing rite now
it's simon & garfunkel
it makes me sleepy
i want to write something
on my new poem
but it's difficult to write by hand 
with the stinking cast that covers my thumb as well
and word won't open..........

Weekend Goals:
  • Do a satisfactory job on all my homework. Especially the essay.
  • Finish a new book
  • See a new movie
  • Write at least one new poem
  • Attempt another sonnet
  • Start Christmas shopping!

this has been random
but i think this post is coming to an end...
so happy friday!!



ice skating was fun!!
i am so proud of myself! i didn't fall down once!
i feel a poem in the works
but also working on another poem 
just got a new mix CD
i like it [:

i need a new book. 


finally it is friday.
this week seemed reallllllly long. it was boring too.
but i was productive. mostly.  i actually got some writing in.
which is definitely good.  
the only thing i think i didn't finish is the cornell notes on the poetry forms.
i need to type them.
my handwriting is completely illegible because of this stupid cast.  

my sonnet went over well.
the teacher liked it, and none of the students were observant enough to pick up on the fact that the meter was off...
so thats good
i might try another one
or improve this one

another plus, i got my friend hooked on twilight.
she wont admit it, but i know she is into it.
i agree with her, that the writing isn't very good, and that the plot is predictable...
but i do like the characters, (except for bella, of course)
ah well

i'm going ice skating with my friends at the rink they put i by the prominade.
i misspelled prominade, didn't i....
ahh well
ice skating is fun, and will get my mind on things other than school (for once)
and maybe, just maybe, it will give me something good to write about.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

spirits temporarily high. not for long though

ah. though my sonnet is not in tip-top shape, i breathe a sigh of relief.
it is done. at least in a basic form.
so for now, my worries are over.

but for now, i go about business as usual, attempting to write a post card in spanish...
which reminds me...
that essay. the one in spanish. about the wizard of oz.
i need to write that. 
oh god. here we go again...
the last essay we wrote in spanish, i got a 75.  it was on ET.
i have an A- in that class
so no worries at the moment.

finally my sonnet (:

so i finally finished my sonnet. not really sure if i got the format right... it's not the best.
but for a first attempt, it's pretty ok.
don't have a name for it yet.
if you have any name ideas, let me know. 
but here it is:

Credit I give you too much of,
Much more than you deserve.
Yet how should I proceed to love
You with your sweet nerve?
The seasons war within
Winter to summer, harsh winter
Back to serene, playful summer again
Only for that to be once more interred.
Behind your eyes is a storm of the seasons
A blizzard of cold, icy stares
Yet time after time, your seasons change with no reason
These swings are getting us nowhere.
Yet like after a storm, there is a calm
All is resolved, your hand in my palm.

well, there it is...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

the troubling sonnet

this sonnet.
the one i have to write.
it's giving me trouble.
much much trouble.
sonnets aren't the type of poetry i like to write.
they are wonderful, and beautiful.
they just aren't for me.
just not my style.
and i know. sometimes it's good to go outside your comfort zone.
it's just.

when i finish writing it.
i think i will post it here.
unless it is completely atrocious. 

on the brighter side.
this story we had to write for history
that i did really well on.
it's not turned in yet
but i think i did a good job.  
i think.


most likely to

i am most likely to not win anything
if you could run for that, i would
i would probably win too.
is that irony?

well it's not something you can run for.
so i guess i am out of luck...
so for now, i must write a sonnet.

good luck to me with that.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


maybe this will grow. i am stuck with major writer's block. well, sort of.  i have plenty of things i can write about right now.
i'm just...what's the word...overstimulated?
that's not a word is it?
hmm..i wonder...

once again, i will write later.  
just trying to figure it out...


muted song

writing is a passion of mine.
poetry especially.
too bad my english teacher kills it for me completely. 

i was going to go on a rant.
against my english teacher.
but i decided against that.
oh well.

there is a song playing right now.
i have no idea what it is.
i like it. 
it's nice and soft.
a little slow too.
some guitar picking.
the words are muted.
kind of perfect for me right now.

i think i'm going to write again later.


Monday, December 1, 2008

still thinking

well, still not quite sure what i am going to write about here.
i was thinking about posting photos, or some of my writings.
maybe just some stuff about my life.
not that it's that interesting.
well it is to me, and the people in it.
i am kind of rambling. but i do that a lot when i am not sure what to say.
i don't know what to say a lot.
so i kinda say everything.



uh hi.
this is the first time ive done this.
not sure what im gonna write about...
no one is probably gonna look at this...but.... whatever
just seemed cool...