Thursday, February 26, 2009

How scientifical

As a fun assignment, our teacher let us make up our own elements, about us: what we "bond" with, what we are "reactive" with, and our uses.  Here is mine. ( try it! atomic number is birth month plus day: Feb 4 = 6 atomic weight is your birthday plus you favorite number: Feb 4, and 7 so 24.07)




This element bonds well with dark chocolate, softball, candles, music, particularly that of a guitar, soccer players, laughter and sleeping.   Blondeium is highly reactive with losing, getting up early, the Jonas Brothers, mean softball coaches that are obsessed with running, cooking, and being tickled.  This element is discovered 98% of the time buried deep beneath the covers of a comfortable bed, or working hard on a softball field.  Blondieum's uses are many, but its most common uses are helping small children play the game of softball, butchering the ancient art of making Mac & Cheese, and the comforting of friends that are in need

i'm such a nerd. but hopefully this will bring my science grade up. on my last test i got a 22/40. yipes.


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