Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dodging Raindrops

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Dodging Raindrops

I remember the first time I saw you
Standing in the grey, bleak day
Scrunching your face up every time
A drop of water hit you
Trying to dodge the drops
Trying to do the impossible

I remember that smile
That little curve of red
That stood out from the shades of grey

I remember smiling back
More of a grin really
Teeth showing
Lifting my head to the sky
Fingers spread out

I remember now
We all have raindrops to dodge
Impossibilities to do
We just need to remember
That a simple smile
Can get us through

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

i'm never gonna stop the rain by complaining (:

We are a week slash two weeks into October.  Can you believe it?  (i know i can't) 
We're right up on  that time of year.  That nerve wracking, nail biting, fist clenching

couple of weeks.
That's right.
MLB postseason.
I'm going to the game Thursday.  I went to the first game of the NLDS.  Painted my face.
It was pretty awesome.

School sucks.  Or, most of it does... I get so ridiculously bored, except in English. I like that class.  And the day seems to go on ffffffooooooorrrrrreeevvvvverrr. 
We are working on a compare and contrast essay in English, about different "cliques". you must interview random (or just people that aren't part of that clique) to get stereotypes of the clique.  Then you gotta interview people from the clique.  Then you gotta write an essay about it.  This is due the 20th.  I should probably get on that.  As much as I hate when teachers give you only one or two nights to do an assignment, I do a better job than when I get two weeks to do it.  Because I am a procrastinator .  OH which reminds me I have to do that long term math assignment. FUN!
But other than that, school is good (ish)

I'm kinda sick right now, it's kinda raining, and my dad is kinda at a meeting, and i'm kinda bored, and kinda have nothing to do.
AN OPPORTUNITY TO WRITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

have a great week!
~molly (:

Friday, October 2, 2009


spiraling (EXPLORED)
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ah school, back in the swing of things.
sort of.
kind of.
not really.
so far, all goes well this year at school. i've made some new friends [ :) ]
i've severed some ties that needed to be severed. i've made amends with some people who i missed. and i've kept on top of my school work.
let's keep it that way.
in this past week that i have been grounded, i have been denied internet, except for the purpose of school work. it is pathetic, and i mean PATHETIC how reliant i am on internet/facebook/ichat/cell phone. P A T H E T I C. For the past week i've felt so disconnected from my friends/the world, it's ridiculous. and to think i get internet back only for this weekend really....
hopefully, i can start posting english assignments on here, but they might just be boring boring essays...

root for the dodgers, and have a great weekend!!

~molly (: