Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winter Break!!

It's winter break!! WOOHOO! I was in much need of a break, and mine got sort of extended a week, since I was sick most of the last week of school. I swear, I've been sick more in the last three months than  in the last three years! I'm still sick, with what I don't know (my friends are all set on me having bronchitis) but now I've got these two weeks to rest!!! MWHAHAHAHHAH.
Our family decided that for Christmas, they wanted to do a cruise. On a boat. joy... I have a slight aversion to watercraft, no matter what the size really.  So this Christmas should be... interesting? Today, I must finish my Christmas shopping, and then REST.
Two weeks is a long time, and I think I'll get down to some writing in this period because I have barely written anything at all in the last like 3 months. Maybe I can post some of the creative pieces or something from my English journal. =D
Anyways, we have our Christmas tree, and according to tradition, we have named it. Last year it was Colonel Blimp, after the main character in one of my dad's favorite movies, The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp. I can't really remember what the year before was, but usually, they are after characters in movies or books or something like that.  This year, our beautiful tree (really, it is quite lovely) is named Mel a.k.a D.S Amelia Silver, one of the characters from the AMAZING, SENSATIONAL, SPECTACULAR, WONDERFUL, EXTRAORDINARY series from BBC, Waking the Dead. I love that show and I have wasted over 30 hours of my life watching it. What can I say, it's an obsession...
We only added one new ornament to our tree this year, a surfing Santa from Hotel Del Coronado.  None from India.
OH speaking of India, we are trying to figure out where to go with all the miles we earned from going to India. My vote goes to Spain, and then going to Morocco for a bit, to add two countries, and a continent.  But, like the little caption on our Christmas card (made by me, AHEM) who knows where we'll end up?

~molly (:

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

time flies..

I guess it's true to say that time flies.  It doesn't seem at all like I've had this blog a whole year plus like a week!
Around this time last year, I think I was complaining about my English teacher, and the dumb assignments we had in her class. Well, this time around in December, I'm loving my English teacher/class/assignments! We've actually read some good books, I found an author I liked, and because of the assignments, I was forced to find a book of my own, and I am ending up to love it!!
I'm kinda reading a lot of books right now, but that's ok, because I'm almost done with one, another is really easy, and I am enjoying the other two quite a bit.  The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde  is interesting, and I enjoy our in-class discussions/debates/tangents that we get on from one little question about the book.  Mary Reilly  is an easy read little companion to Jekyll and Hyde.  On my own, I picked up  The Reader at a little bookshop in Coronado (we had Thanksgiving at the Del Coronado), and am speeding right through it.  About a Boy, though, by far, is my favorite.  I find it poignant and funny, and sweet.  And true.  (also the movie is one of my favorites).
We just made cookies, 3 dozen chocolate chip cookies, and 3 dozen molasses cookies.  We're sending two dozen of each to my friends dad who is stationed in Afghanistan.  So I feel like I did my good deed this holiday season.  I donated 2 dollars to livestrong, and a lot of pennies to Pennies for Peace.
Rat dissection on Thursday!!

~molly (: