Saturday, July 25, 2009

Not much...

Not much new here...
Fun all-nighter at my friend's house the other night, with 2 of my friends, and her brother and his friend.  Jack-in-the-box at 1:30. Starbucks as soon as it opens; doesn't get much better than that (:

At the moment, I am packing for India.  We leave Monday. 
Later, I am going to a triple feature of Indiana Jones with my daddy at the Aero theatre.  That'll be fun.   I hope I can post from India.  If not, I am pretty sure I'll have a lot to say when I get back!

Have a wonderful weekend!



Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter

Not exactly true to the book, but still, it was good.

See it.


Friday, July 10, 2009

you know i love you so (:

My favorite song. I love it. It has been stuck in my head all day. It didn't bother me one bit.

Look at the stars
Look how they shine for you
And everything you do


Have a wonderful weekend.
(the lyrics in the video are wrong o: )

Thursday, July 9, 2009


ah.  I am SO TIRED. SO SO SO SO SO TIRED. LIKE DEAD TIRED. I am ready to collapse.  ARG.  Why?
This week, I did UCLA Softball Camp.  It was, in a word, awesome, but I am so exhausted.  This is ridiculous.  It was so fun.  I improved a lot.  My team was 'The Thrillaz' (MJ R.I.P) we were good.  Coached by Peanut, and Dana.  We rocked hard.  But seriously, this camp was bomb.  Jelly Sleber, Nikki Williams, Lisa Fernandez.  WOOT. Then Reese Witherspoon dropped by.  People freaked.  I was like big deal...
But it was an amazing camp, lots of memories, not much sleep.  We got yelled at for trying to have a party, I hit a triple off the wall at Easton Stadium, and our skit was great.  My friend that I went with, her skit was pretty funny.  Or at least she was.  Also, at the end of the skits, Puppy told a bunch of coaches to go do the stanky legg (at our team's request).  The coaches and a couple of players went up and did it.  It made my day.  
I got sunburned,  I have blisters on my feet, and bags under my eyes, but it was great.  Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July.  


Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Family Decay
Originally uploaded by tangent

From a prompt on Pictures, Poetry & Prose. "Decay"
ehh. Posting it hear cuz it's the only creative thing I have done this week. It's ok... Not great thoughh

You left us.
That's it.
I'm not coming back you say.
Not even a backward glance
at the faces of the children you fathered.
None at all.

You left us here to decay.
Slowly it happened.
Slowly we fell apart.
Came undone.
Rusty in the ways of love
Scared to hold close
To something
For fear it too would leave us.
Leave us here broken.

The decay wasn't right away.
At first, all was fine.
Except for the the long nights
Full of hidden tears.
But soon.
But soon we slipped into
Our own little pathways.
We stood separated
A family no more.

Now we are decayed.
We are rusted.
Unable to love.
For the love that was ripped away.
Leaving us.
Leaving us here, scarred in ways
You will NEVER know.

We are a ruin.
We are the decay of a fairytale.
A fairytale once.
A long, long time