Saturday, March 14, 2009

Not the greatest

Cherry Blossom Girl
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The world is odd, and I am mad, because my partner for a history project got arrested at school yesterday for dealing acid. Now I have to do the whole project by myself. I'm ready to blow, because my English teacher has wiped all the creativeness out of my system with this 1930s essay, and then she made my science teacher cry, and my math teacher is getting laid off. The drug bust at school yesterday was completely unexpected, because lately, they've been letting the pot heads slide, and were focusing on "cyberbullying". The school district, in partnership with the police, were watching the Santa Monica students activity and searching profiles for "cyberbullying" on Facebook. But there was a drug bust, and at least 5 people were arrested, and more were suspended/expelled. I'm in a bad mood. What sort of idiot would deal at school? On campus? My history partner, that's who.
On a lighter note, we kicked butt in our softball game today.
I might be able to kick the creativeness back into gear. I'll try.


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Don said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have been on your blob before, but now... I'm a non-public follower. I enjoy your stuff. You've got talent, and you're working on improving it. I like that too.

Sometimes life sucks, but in the midst of the storms, rainbows appear.

Be on the lookout for the rainbows.

Go softball! Go track!