Thursday, July 9, 2009


ah.  I am SO TIRED. SO SO SO SO SO TIRED. LIKE DEAD TIRED. I am ready to collapse.  ARG.  Why?
This week, I did UCLA Softball Camp.  It was, in a word, awesome, but I am so exhausted.  This is ridiculous.  It was so fun.  I improved a lot.  My team was 'The Thrillaz' (MJ R.I.P) we were good.  Coached by Peanut, and Dana.  We rocked hard.  But seriously, this camp was bomb.  Jelly Sleber, Nikki Williams, Lisa Fernandez.  WOOT. Then Reese Witherspoon dropped by.  People freaked.  I was like big deal...
But it was an amazing camp, lots of memories, not much sleep.  We got yelled at for trying to have a party, I hit a triple off the wall at Easton Stadium, and our skit was great.  My friend that I went with, her skit was pretty funny.  Or at least she was.  Also, at the end of the skits, Puppy told a bunch of coaches to go do the stanky legg (at our team's request).  The coaches and a couple of players went up and did it.  It made my day.  
I got sunburned,  I have blisters on my feet, and bags under my eyes, but it was great.  Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July.  



Don said...

Sounds like a blast and worthwhile. I used to work with Jenny Topping's sister, a speech therapist. During the faculty vs student softball game I complimented her on her play, she said, "I'm okay. My sister rocks." Well, later on (after the Olympics) we got Jenny to come and speak at a school assembly. Athletics teaches excellence, work ethic, and grace under pressure. Life has to get pretty hard to match up to the self-induced stress of competitive sports. You go!

_we_the_pieces_ said...

My coach actually told us the exact same thing "Athletics teaches excellence, work ethic, and grace under pressure. " And it's completely true.
And about Jenny Topping, that is cool!! (: