Wednesday, August 12, 2009

welcome home

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i am home.
home. sweet. home.
i really didn't want to leave india
but as soon as i got on that plane in
new delhi, all i wanted was to be home.
i'm pretty sure you know the feeling.

well anyways,
i have been up almost two days
i am extremely exhausted
and want to sleep.
i have a lot lot lot lot lot to write about
which i will do in the near future
if i am not being dragged off to
the beach
lil' wayne (gag) concerts
the ventura county fair
by my certifiably insane companions
whom i call friends.

pictures to post too!

~molly (:

ohh i did have internet in india.
i just didn't feel like posting really
too much stuff to process through my
jet lag addled mind.
so for now, rest.
then, i complete my india journal
and then
i post!!!


Don said...

Welcome home! One of the sweetest parts of coming home, is the greetings of... your own bed. (And your own friends.) Looking forward to what you have to share. So much to process... paradigms have shifted? outlooks transformed? gratitude ignited? Or what... keep us posted!

Spencer L Casey said...

Hey. Glad to have you back. Looking forward to your pics of India.