Friday, October 2, 2009


spiraling (EXPLORED)
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ah school, back in the swing of things.
sort of.
kind of.
not really.
so far, all goes well this year at school. i've made some new friends [ :) ]
i've severed some ties that needed to be severed. i've made amends with some people who i missed. and i've kept on top of my school work.
let's keep it that way.
in this past week that i have been grounded, i have been denied internet, except for the purpose of school work. it is pathetic, and i mean PATHETIC how reliant i am on internet/facebook/ichat/cell phone. P A T H E T I C. For the past week i've felt so disconnected from my friends/the world, it's ridiculous. and to think i get internet back only for this weekend really....
hopefully, i can start posting english assignments on here, but they might just be boring boring essays...

root for the dodgers, and have a great weekend!!

~molly (:

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Don said...

I always enjoy your posts. Glad school is good, you're making good social decisions (severing, making up, etc.), and keeping up with stuff.

Too bad about being grounded... but then again... consequences teach what success cannot.

Happy Weekend!

(I'm not grounded and I just got paid!) jk