Saturday, February 6, 2010


Sonnet for English Class

High above our heads dost thou swiftly rise.
Thou art a shimmer in the heavens blue,
But thy woe shows when tears rain from thy eyes.
We can’t fix thy problems, nor pay thy dues.
Far from grace did thee tumble to end here,
Stuck to spend this morrow edging the shade.
So thou climb’st up, and the light dost near.
The dark consumes all, but thou will not fade.
Thy foes pull thee down, but thou won’t concede,
Ne’r wilt thou follow them; bid them adieu.
Thou hast struggled, but won’t succumb to greed.
Thou journey’st hence, not so high as thee flew.
As night approaches, and dark surrounds thee,
Thy feet art grounded, but thy mind is free.

Notice the Shakespearian language ;D

~molly (:


Don said...

Sonnets aren't easy. I've done one: but it was for a noble cause -- my wedding anniversary.

Sonnets do work your vocabulary... rhyme, meter, content... yikes!

Every sonnet tells a story: yours too.

MariNela said...

I love sonnets!
Your sonnet is so nicely done!

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