Friday, December 30, 2011

I did a really good job of getting back into this blog, didn't I?
Yep. Really skillful.
This time, I think I am back for good.
Although I have created another blog on both this site, and wordpress, since I forgot the password to the email that I created this account with and decided to just make a new one altogether. Then I remembered and got myself back on here and made this poorly written post. So I guess I will continue to write here, but if you wish to, you could check out my other two blogs (they don't have very much written on them at the moment, and possibly never will, knowing my ability to honor commitments).

here's the blogger one 
and here's the wordpress one

And here's to the new year and hopefully making more regular posts.

1 comment:

Don said...

I was reviewing my followers, thought of you, and decided to check out this blog. I see you've been busy. Elsewhere. ;-) Flickr and FaceBook really are blogging-lite. But then, the audiences are bigger. Most people snack on words more than sit down for a well cooked meal. But then... deep down... you're a cook! (I mean writer.) I may check out your other links, but here's to finding your muse, not because you have to... but because you follow the urge.