Monday, June 8, 2009


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Today was beyond amazing. Six Flags was so fun it was ridiculous.
I am by no means a roller coaster fan, yet I had an amazing time.
The only real coaster I went on was Scream, and oh yes, I screamed. A lot. I opened my eyes twice, and proceeded to shut them tight in under a second.
But I hung out with my best friend and two other good friends, and had a great time. We went on the log ride. 7 times. In a row. It was pretty beastly. We got soaked. No joke. We were sopping. I pretty much died on the ride back, because some stupid idiots opened the windows on the bus, and wouldn't put them up. And freeway air and soaking wet me don't mix. When we were back at school, we proceeded to Vons and got hot soup. It was a nice day.



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G. Coppard said...

Nice to see you back and about Miss Molly. I hope you don't catch cold from the ride back.