Monday, January 12, 2009

Elegy to Our Friendship

--- Beacause I am... Forgive me ---
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The day seems so much longer
Without you by my side
Harder to take every blow
Every stab that wounds my pride

You were there to dry my tears
Face the things that I could not
Your smile chased the pain away
The way you went was so abrupt

So the day will be longer
A little bit less fun
But life is full of ones that go
And there are plenty still to come

Finally, my English teacher passed those poems back. FINALLY
There is another poem I might post, and I saw a picture on flickr that I thought was interesting and maybe, just maybe, my inspiration might be on the way back. ;)



Brett said...

Thanks for your word to my picture

Inkpot said...

Lovely poem Molly. It captures losing a friend very well. I'm glad to hear there is a glimmer of returning inspiration. Yay for that! :)