Sunday, January 4, 2009


really, I want to write.  really badly.  I am just so ridiculously uninspired.  it's never been this difficult.  i am attributing this to the fact that i dislike writing poetry on the computer.  narratives, essays, fine.  i just really dislike writing poetry on the computer.  and writing it out by hand is turning out to be difficult, as I am right-handed, and my right hand is in a cast, thumb included.  it just makes writing a pain. but the cast is to be off soon (hopefully).  
it could be that i just don't feel very productive.  i got a load of new books for Christmas, but have decided to re-read the Harry Potter series.  I read book six, then seven, then one, two, and i am currently on three.  i started this 3 days ago.  
but my dad and i finished that Beatles puzzle, so that's something.  and i did hang out with my friends at the promenade in the cold for 5 hours.  but it was fun.  oh, and i was forced to clean my room.  that took up a couple days of break.  and i couldn't sleep last night, so i cleaned out the desk in my room.  still not going to use it though....
school starts again tomorrow.  i really don't want to wake up at seven.  that'll be the earliest i've gotten up in in 2 weeks.  the last week i've been sleeping past noon.




Inkpot said...

I hate when the holidays are over and you have to go back to normal life. It is so depressing. I hope you find your inspiration soon. It is a pain not being able to hand write.

Sacha van Straten said...

It's a funny old world. I prefer writing poetry on a computer. Mainly, because I'm left-handed and find hand writing a painful chore.

Also, I type quickly, so when an idea comes to me I can spew the words out onto the screen quickly.

You should take this opportunity to play with I've put some more samples onto my Flickr account.

Go play and don't worry about tomorrow. I don't start officially until next Monday, but will be setting my alarm and going in tomorrow anyway, because there's so much to do and it helps get my body/mind re-adjusted to early cold starts.

It's dropped to minus 10 overnight in England and it's snowed here as well.

Happy New Year!