Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009

Hugging the Earth
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I love this picture. Don't you?
You know, like the future of the planet. Hope. Change. The youth. Us.

2009 should be a big year. It seemed like something more should have been felt when the second came that no longer was it 2008. But no. Just like any other New Year's, HAPPY NEW YEAR! was shouted, and then everyone wound down. I don't know. Just seemed like it should have been more, because 2009 looks to be a year a great change.
Oh well.

I have resolved to not make to many resolutions.
1. Write more
2. Study more
3. Don't run backwards

There we go.
I spent New Years Day watching the replay of the rose parade, thinking 'these things are so cool, but i am soooo glad my dad insisted i be here instead of with my mom, because she would have dragged me to this.' and watching the rose bowl.
And rereading Harry Potter and the Half- Blood Prince at the same time. Football isn't one of my biggest interests.
Feeling crappy again.
At least I didn't spend this New Year's Day in the ER.

Anyways, I wish you a wonderful 2009.


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Inkpot said...

Happy New Year Molly! I always stay up to celebrate on New Year's Eve. At midnight I sing and jump around and promise that this year will be different, and then I go and do exactly the same things as I always do! No resolutions for me this year, but hopefully lots of change. :)