Thursday, January 15, 2009

October Carnival

Another Dizzy Carnival Ride
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Prompt "Carnival"
Fairly pleased with it.  First non-poetry writing I've done in a while

October Carnival

"FASTER FASTER FASTER!" screamed Dylan.
"THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!" yelled Aidan.
"SHUT UP!" shouted Molly

TORNADO shot up into the dark October sky, and the rainbow colored compartments spun out to the sides. The speed increased, satisfying Dylan's demands. The wind blew past them so hard, that Aidan's azure eyes began to water, and Molly's blonde hair fanned out behind them.

"WEEEEEE!" screamed Molly, grabbing the two boy's hands, and reaching for the sky. Dylan released the popcorn bag he had been tightly clutching in his right hand, and it was whipped out of sight, down to the lingering kids below.

TORNADO turned, and the three teenagers slid to the left. Laughing, Molly fell on to Dylan, as Aidan fell on her. They swung back up, and suddenly, Dylan was falling on Molly, while she was falling on Aidan. As the colors whipped by, Aidan pointed with his free hand, to a bunch of seventh-grade girls who were giggling at the half-full bag of popcorn that had landed on a good-looking eighth-grader's head.

Soon, they were gone from sight. The ride began to slow, and Molly, Dylan, and Aidan stumbled off, the two boys laughing as she skipped around the basketball courts, tripping over her own feet. The two boys ran after her as she bounded up the steps of a jumbo slide, and went tumbling right behind her as she went down it. All three of them landed in a tangled heap at the bottom, shaking with laughter. As they got up, Molly planted a kiss on each cheek, and pulled them after her as she ran to picnic tables set up by the food stands. The trio collapsed onto the benches, and Aidan grabbed a new bag of popcorn off the tray of a passing couple. Dylan and Molly were giggling as they dug into the warm and buttery goodness.

"Let's go," suggested Dylan, after every last piece of popcorn had been consumed.
They moved over to the field at the edge of the basketball courts, and sank down onto the grass, looking up at the black sky, light by neon lights, breathing in the smells of popcorn and an October Carnival.


Josh said...

Its great! Keep up the good work, the blogs and the poems. It's all great.
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_we_the_pieces_ said...

wonder what 'guester' could mean.........

Josh said...

Google says it is the English spelling of Güster which is a municipality in the district of Lauenburg, in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.


Laura Jayne said...

I really enjoyed this. Picked it for the front page. You are a great writer.

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Very nice!

For blue skies. said...

i loved this.
youre such a good writer