Saturday, December 27, 2008

recap of christmas and after.

well I hope everyone had a merry christmas
i did
my aunt in arizona has a dog
this dog is very cute, sweet, and fun.
she is also insane.
but i love her. (:
i got a camera
and a new ipod
and some new books.
and the day after christmas, get this- it SNOWED!
yes, snow.
my dad woke me up
and i ran outside in my pajamas and uggs
and took many pictures in the snow.
haha. i am not accustomed to snow, as i am from los angeles. 
where there is no snow ):
but now i am home and still feel sick.
i am continuing to watch the HBO series John Adams.  my dad got it for christmas.  
it is very good.  


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Inkpot said...

Sounds like you had a great Christmas Molly. Happy New Year. May many wonderful, magical, joyful blessings come to you this year. Iseult :)