Friday, December 5, 2008


finally it is friday.
this week seemed reallllllly long. it was boring too.
but i was productive. mostly.  i actually got some writing in.
which is definitely good.  
the only thing i think i didn't finish is the cornell notes on the poetry forms.
i need to type them.
my handwriting is completely illegible because of this stupid cast.  

my sonnet went over well.
the teacher liked it, and none of the students were observant enough to pick up on the fact that the meter was off...
so thats good
i might try another one
or improve this one

another plus, i got my friend hooked on twilight.
she wont admit it, but i know she is into it.
i agree with her, that the writing isn't very good, and that the plot is predictable...
but i do like the characters, (except for bella, of course)
ah well

i'm going ice skating with my friends at the rink they put i by the prominade.
i misspelled prominade, didn't i....
ahh well
ice skating is fun, and will get my mind on things other than school (for once)
and maybe, just maybe, it will give me something good to write about.



Laura Jayne said...

oh... I love ice skating. One of those things I wish I was better at.

Inkpot said...

That's brilliant your sonnet went down well. I'm not surprised, as it was good, but it is nice to get recognition for it. Well done. :)