Thursday, December 4, 2008

spirits temporarily high. not for long though

ah. though my sonnet is not in tip-top shape, i breathe a sigh of relief.
it is done. at least in a basic form.
so for now, my worries are over.

but for now, i go about business as usual, attempting to write a post card in spanish...
which reminds me...
that essay. the one in spanish. about the wizard of oz.
i need to write that. 
oh god. here we go again...
the last essay we wrote in spanish, i got a 75.  it was on ET.
i have an A- in that class
so no worries at the moment.


Inkpot said...

It sounds like you write fun essays in spanish. :) Good luck with all your work, I'm sure you'll keep your high grades up.

Ionafey said...

Come over to my blog. I have the tutorial up -- but you know, that was a hell of a sonnet. Not many people attempt them and it makes me feel a little less weird that I have. :) They are a little like Sudoku in that you are trying to arrange words just right and still say what you want to say. Check out the tute, though. I think it 'splains it real good. ;)