Wednesday, December 3, 2008

the troubling sonnet

this sonnet.
the one i have to write.
it's giving me trouble.
much much trouble.
sonnets aren't the type of poetry i like to write.
they are wonderful, and beautiful.
they just aren't for me.
just not my style.
and i know. sometimes it's good to go outside your comfort zone.
it's just.

when i finish writing it.
i think i will post it here.
unless it is completely atrocious. 

on the brighter side.
this story we had to write for history
that i did really well on.
it's not turned in yet
but i think i did a good job.  
i think.


1 comment:

Inkpot said...

Looking forward to the sonnet. They are hard to write, but then again I haven't written poetry in years. Good luck with the history assignment, I'm glad you are pleased with it.