Monday, December 8, 2008


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Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary....

Once again, a perfect example of why procrastination is something I should leave far in my past.
Once again, I have not.
Four stanzas to memorize, not really a big deal.
I also have 3 big tests to study for.
And I have to be able to perfectly recite the first four stanzas by first period.

Mondays are always soo boring....

There is never anything to do....

But we got report cards today... all A's

Which is good.  I am dangerously close to a B in Spanish though...

I just cannot wait until winter break.  AHHHHH. 

That will be SO nice. SOOOO NICE.


i am going to write later i think.

after the memorization of the four stanzas 

and studying is complete. 



Inkpot said...

ALL A's!!! Well done Molly, that's brilliant. Congratulations. Keep up the hard work, it is worth it. As for procrastination - isn't that what the internet is for? :)

Ionafey said...

I hear ya' about procrastination. I'm just this moment thinking about how I don't want to get ready for work right now. It's 12 hours that I'm doing something other than what I really want to do . . . sleeping! LOL

I think we all do. I think about going to write about writers, anxiety, and procrastination. It'll be good to explore the reasons, you know?

Anyway, are you memorizing the Raven? I memorized that whole dang poem on a dare from a teacher. I did it in two weeks, and, boy, she was impressed. I was applauded at the end.

I wouldn't recommend it, though. I still have nightmares about Lenore. ;)

_we_the_pieces_ said...

lol i had a dream about it too!